1. What to do if I am unable to open a link on the Halong Galaxy’s website?
Please tell us in our contact form or send this errors to our email: info@halonggalaxycruise.com. Our technical experts will fix it as quick as possible.

2. When we book directly with Halong Galaxy cruise, Is our information secure?

Yes, your information will be kept in confidential serving for our customer support service. We never share with others.

3. What to do if we send a request to the form on Halong Galaxy Cruise’s website but I do not receive any replies for long?

We will respond your request within 12 hours after receiving. If it is urgent, please dial to our hotline: +84 979 961 807 (available 24/7).



1. How can I book a tour at Halong Galaxy cruise?

It is very easy. Please fill to the contact form on our website or send an email to sale3@halonggalaxycruise.com, our staff will reply you shortly.

2. What is benefit if I book with Halong Galaxy Cruise directly?

We will give you some deals as discount. The price might be lower than public rates because we do not have to pay commission for the third parties.

 3. How many night maximum I can stay on the boat?

Because we are cruise ship works under strictly management of Government, our itinerary have to register with them. They only permit to do itinerary with maximum 3 days 2 nights. So, we strongly recommend you to book maximum 2 nights stay on the boat. If longer, program in some days of your trip will be duplicated. In that case, we will suggest you to stay in somewhere as Cat Ba island, Monkey Island or in Halong city.

4. How many days before departure date I can book?

We are very flexible, You can book with us at any day even instant booking. But we strongly recommend to book at least 2 days before departure date. If number of the guests are larger than 6, please book before 1 week.

5. If I have any special request or wondering about something during the tour, what to do?

Please send us an email and we will answer all your question immediately. In case of emergency, please dial to our hotline: +84 979 961 807.

6. We want to modify our booking, how many days before?

It is also easy. Just send a modification email to info@halonggalaxycruise.com, we will confirm the modification basing on our policies.

7. What to do if I want to cancel my booking?

Cancellations must be written by email or fax in English or Vietnamese. We will confirm or refuse it basing on cancellation policies at http://galaxypremiumcruises.com/term-and-condition/

8. Can I book another services with Halong Galaxy Cruise as transfer service, another tour line, private tour guide…?

Yes. You can book all travel services with us. We appreciate your booking.



1. Is online payment with Halong Galaxy Cruise secure?

Absolutely Yes. Minh Sinh Travel (owner of Halong Galaxy Cruise) started since 2004. Our company’s bank account is censored frequently by Government.

 2. How many days before I need to pay?

For small group, please pay at least 2 days before departure. If number of guest is larger than 6, you need to pay before at least 1 week. If not, the booking might be cancelled. About the travel company or affiliate partners, we will work following agreement.

 3. What are the payment method does Halong Galaxy Cruise accept?

We accept payment by credit card (Visa, Master), cash, Bank transfer, Union Western or Paypal. Introduction of payment is written in our Term and Condition

 4. Is my payment information being kept as confidential?

Absolutely yes. We will keep all your personal information in secret. It is only used for customer service. We will not share or use it for another purposes.

 5. I booked the tour with Halong Galaxy Cruise however tour was cancelled due to bad weather conditions. Do I receive any refunds?

Yes. We will calculate any service that you already use. It would be deducted into total of cost.

6. What about TIPPING? Do you make any rules about it or how much do I tip?

Tipping is an encourage for all the staff and tour guide. It help them to do good job with more enthusiasm. However, TIPPING IS NOT REQUIRED. If you feel happy with our service, you can tip for the staff on the boat. There aren’t any rules of tipping, it is depending on your satisfaction.



1. What is the latest time do I need to embark Halong Galaxy Cruise

You need to at Hon Gai wharf at 11.30pm to process check in procedures. Our boat leaves Hon Gai wharf at 12.30pm. In case of later than 12.30 but you still want to stay on our boat, you need to call to our operation team or hotline +84 979961807 to get introductions. We will not responsible for any arising fees if you wants to get on our boat.

2. I have booked a tour with you but I do not stay in Old Quarter. What do I do?

You need to go by taxi to our office in the morning to get introduction. Our shuttle bus will leave from our office at 7.45am and go to pick the guests from their hotel in Old Quarter.

3. Is passport required to do the tour with you?

Yes of course. We have to register with Government about your presence and duration or your stay. You need to go with a valid passport and VISA.

4. What are the things I need to carry to do the tour with Halong Galaxy Cruise?

A compact luggage is our appreciation. Because your tour’s duration is short (2 or 3 days) so you don’t need to carry too much luggage. We recommend things as sun-glass, sun cream,…

5. What are the food and beverage which do not include in the tour?

Normally, your trip is included all meals on the boat (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and welcome drink. The food here means extra foods (arising ordering) what did not mentioned in itinerary. Beverage is all the drink on the boat as wine, softdrrink, cocktail or mock tail….

6. If I do not want to do kayaking, what is alternate activities?

You can stay on floating village to see how do they grow and feed the fish, seafood… or you can stay on boat to relax. You will enjoy variously of drink served on boat.

7. I booked to stay 1 night on the boat, can I extend 1 more night?

You can stay 1 more night on boat depending on availability of our cabin. You request the tour guide, he will report to Operation Team and if it available, tour guide will inform you to confirm your stay. He will collect the payment from you. If the room is unavailable, we will give you some suggestions to do a great tours in Halong bay as staying on Cat Ba island or somewhere else.



1. Is our boat safe for children or elders?

Yes of course. Our boat was designed to meet all the requirement about safety and convenience features. However, the best one that you still must look after for them.

2. Do I need to wear lifejacket during the tour?

No, you only wear lifejacket while you are on the tender or doing kayaking. You need to wear it until get on the main boat or main land.

3. What happens if I get sick on the boat?

Normally, some basic medical equipments are available on our boat. If it is emergency, we will arrange a canoe to transfer you to the mainland and go to the hospital. It takes about 15 minutes to go. The doctor will diagnose the illness and advise accordingly.

4. In emergency on the boat as rescue, fire, accident… What do I do?

In emergency case, you need to do everything in direction of Captain or Cruise Manager. He is an experience man and always has the best way to solve serious problem.

5. In case of serious troubles while we are in the room but we can’t open the door. What to do?

Inside every cabin, we equipped almost alight facilities as hammer, lifejackets, flashlight…. before check in the boat, you should ask Cruise Manager how to use it.

6. What’s safety rules of Kayaking and swimming?

All the swimming and kayaking activities are under instruction of TOUR GUIDE. Before doing, tour guide will give you all important information and you need to completely follow it to ensure safety.

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