Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips


Halong bay is definitely worthy for all visiting. It is great place to relax, sightsee, adventure and ideal for everyone whose are interested in great beach, stunning water and nature. Basing on the reviews of almost travelers, they said that your Vietnam tour’s value will be reduced an half if your itinerary doesn’t include Halong bay. Doing a good tour here needs a lot of information that how to get there? how long to stay? What’s kind of accommodation? What’s the food? Which company to choose?How much need to spend? and What do I do there?. It is not very easy for new travelers and even experienced travelers. Here, I will give you almost information what you need. I will take an example with Halong Galaxy Cruise what I have been and did an inspection. It is midrange cruise (three stars) has good price and great quality of service.

How to get there?  The best way to go there is by bus and car. Minh Sinh Travel can responsible for it. The price is on request. Probably, if you book Halong bay tour with Minh Sinh Travel, bus is included in the tour package. Car is on request. Price of the car is approximate from 145USD – 155USD for two ways of 2 days 1 night tour and 170USD – 190USD for 3 days two night tour.

How long to stay? Depending on your travel plan to decide tour duration of your stay. You can do a tour in Halong bay in 1 day, 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights and stay more in Halong city or Cat Ba island in Halong bay. However, I prefer duration of 2 days 1 night and 3 days 2 night.

Accommodation: You can choose to stay on the boat. Book a cabin on the boat what offers overnight cabin. Halong Galaxy Cruise offers luxury cabins to stay on the boat. It is air-conditioned, hot water available, hairdryer… In overall, you will feel the utmost comfortable with accommodation of Halong Galaxy Cruise. Other options for accommodation is the hotel or bungalow on Cat Ba island or Monkey island. Cat Ba island is small town but has mostly conditions as on the main land. There are a lot of hotels or guest house there with reasonable price.

Food: Staying on the boat, all meals are supplied. Mostly of the food is seafood. It is typical food here. Otherwise, meat and vegetable are also supplied. During stay on Halong Galaxy Cruise, breakfast has milk, jam, bread, toast, soup, eggs, sausage, salad, fruit. Other meals have salad, steamed vegetable, eggs, meat (pork meat or chicken or beef), shrimp, crab… and fruit. Vegetarian people can require the chef to have special menu.

How much does it cost? Please contact us to request more information.

What to do in Halong bay? The most interesting in Halong bay is thousands of fantastic rock formations rise up on the sea. It is great for photos. What are activities to do? You can do: caving, swimming, kayaking, adventure and sightseeing.

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