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Where we cruise


Located in Northeast Vietnam, Halong Bay is a part of the Tonkin Gulf. It was called “the Wonder standing in the Heaven” by a World Cultural Celebrities-Nguyen Trai. Halong Bay was recognized twice as the World Natural Heritage by UNESCO on the values of geomorphology in 1994 and on the value of Natural Beauty in 2000.

The Bay covers a total area of 1553 km2, including 1969 island and it is divided into 2 types: limestone islands and schist islands, which concentrated in two main areas of southeast (belonging to Bai Tu Long) and the southwest (belonging to Halong Bay). Because Halong bay is situated in the north, the weather has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Tourists can travel to Halong Bay whenever you want. It is the best choice if you choose to travel from April to October and from December to February. In the winter, visitors will have opportunities to experience chili cold and foggy weather.



titov3It was name after Ghermann Titov, a former Cosmonaut of Soviet Union, Titov Island has a beach shaped likes a crescent and sand has been washed to be snowy by the tide. It takes 14km from Bai Chay Tourist Pier Small though it might be, it wins kudos for its quiet and airy atmosphere, as well as its alluring landscape.

The beach boasts pristine white sand, clear and blue water and small waves, which make it ideal for recreational activities like swimming and other sea sports. At present, there has a Ti Top Beach bar in the island which also provides swimming costumes, floats and lukewarm shower. Fresh water was carried to the island from inland. Swimming at Ti Top Beach is really enjoyable. After swimming, you can enjoy fresh seafood specialties in an ideal environment of immense sky and sunshine.



SungsotSung Sot cave means Surprising Cave or Amazing Cave is on Bo Hon Island and is one of the most spectacular and largest grottoes of Ha Long Bay. The mouth of the grotto is reached by ascending about a hundred stone steps.

There are two partitions in Sung Sot cave. The first one is similar to a theater hall with many stalactites hanging from the high ceiling. A narrow passage leads to the second chamber, where a flow of natural light bathes the surfaces. The light is filtering in from above, through a large opening creating a natural skylight; this opening also serves as the exit from the cave.

The deepest point of this chamber is a “Royal Garden” which appears with a clear pond and a fascinating landscape of small mountains with dozen of plants.

Sung Sot cave covers some 10,000 m2 and is about 30 meters high, the walls and innumerable cracks and crevices are evidence of millions of years of spectacular natural creation. In other word, thousand forms of stalactites and stalagmites along the cave which is a typical example of geological structure in Halong Bay.



OXY_9445Bai Tu Long Bay is a long string of islands which was created when the entire limestone plateau sank below sea level. It lies in Quang Ninh Province and is a part of the World Heritage, Ha Long Bay. It is still an unspoilt area which makes getting around a bit tougher, but this is more than compensated for by the stunning scenery and less pollution.





ba trai dao 1This island consists of three small mountains with the height of 23 m, seen from afar; resemble three peaches (Ba Trái Ðào).

The island connects to a legend of about the romantic love between a youngest fairy that was very pretty with a young and poor fisherman. Because of falling in love with him, she stole three peaches from Heaven for him, which if he ate, would give him eternal life, allowing them to live together forever. The King of the Heavens discovered the robbery and turned the peaches into three stone islands. Chastised, the young fairy had to return.

Today, Ba Trái Ðào is a famous tourist attraction with three nice fairy beaches, romantic landscape. It is 22 km from south north of Bãi Cháy Wharf.




dark-caveAt the water-level, an arched entrance leads to a tunnel, just at the base of the island. Passing through the dangerous entrance, you will come across a tranquil round lake, surrounded by luxuriant trees and high stunning stone walls. Monkeys run to and fro in groups, benjamin fig trees shade the landscape and many orchids hang their sweet-scented flowers. In the lake, many species abound: shrimp, fish, crab and cuttle-fish and corals.

This is an enclosed group of islands. It connects with the sea via a 4-meter-wide, 100-meter-long, and 3-meter-high mouth. Inside the grotto, the 1-km2 brackish lake is surrounded by mountains. On the cliff one still find traces of fossils of fresh-water snails, which are proven that men used to live there and this must have been a deep valley then.


The beauty of the site is the mingling of a number of factors: the mountain’s size and form, the color of the water and the clouds.


pearl farmThis pearl village was established in 1995 by a Japanese organization, after years run by Japanese experts, it was transferred for Vietnamese and now run by A Vietnamese Company. First, you come here you will visit a room like a pearl museum introduced by a local guide and understanding some precious species of pearl. Second, you will pass a floating raft where some kind of oyster pearls are grown and transplanted such as South Sea pearl, Tahitian Black Pearl,…ect. After that you will see a processing room where workers transplanting oysters!

The last, you could see one of the worker here opening an alive oyster in front of your eyes to see pearl in side and then have look their achievement in the showroom!


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